Happily, the SEC recently denied the Eversource application for “Northern Pass”  based on their inability to show that their plan will not negatively affect the environment or property values. 

We don't know what will happen next, as Eversource appeals the decision, but this was an important victory for the people in Deerfield and other towns who worked so hard to prevent this devastating development in our state. 

Unhappily, the weather situation is becoming dangerous with global warming.   The warming of our environment is happening faster than anticipated, according to climatologists who study our changing weather. 

We need to work hard to replace our current electricity production with renewable sources including solar and wind power, especially as these technologies improve and become cheaper.  We must reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere associated with the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal. 

The state needs to renew its’ commitment to the goals of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and join the United States Climate Alliance, created in reponse to the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.   We need to increase support of land and water conservation efforts as well as insure that hazardous waste is properly disposed of.  Recycling needs to be a way of life for everyone, and we should aim to protect the environment further by finding ways to reduce non-biodegradable wste.