What has happened to make New Hampshire one of the top states for opioid addiction?  New Hampshire ranks second in the nation (along with Ohio) for per capita deaths from opioids.  

We rank first in the nation for per capita deaths from Fentanyl. (Information from U.S. Centers for Disease Control).

I believe NH got to this terrible place because we are not adequately commited to treatment and education.

Ependitures for prevention and treatment of addiction in NH are among the lowest in the nation, on a per capita basis, but we have no control over public expenditures for dealing with the active addiction problem. 

How much are we spending on emergency responses to addicts in trouble?  On emergency room care?  On dealing with crime related to addiction?  On autopsies, required for sudden death?   I don't know, but it is a lot. 

And how much are we spending on treatment and prevention? Not much. 

Apart from the cash outlays, the costs of having so many people leading unproductive lives, with their talents laid aside and not available to the community are huge. The toll it takes on family members is incalculable.

We need to look at all possible sources of funds to develop a robust network of  appropriate care for addicts and to create and encourage prevention programs.