For too long, the state has shifted costs from the state to the cities and towns.  The state must stop saying  “there is no money” and start looking at ways to raise more funds. 

NH consistently ranks within the top ten states in the nation for total median and per capita income and wealth - and consistently low in funding for important public services. Our property tax burdens continue to increase as the State pushes costs back to the towns and cities due to an inadequate state budget. 

 We must take a new look at  business tax rates which were reduced in the 2017 legislative session. 

I would work to find creative ways to increase other revenue:  for instance, I would work on legalizing recreational cannabis, within an appropriate regulatory structure, and with a reasonable tax.  Cannabis is not addictive, has proven to be a good alternative to opioids for people with pain and other medical problems, and may be useful in ending opioid addiction – an enormous problem in this state. And it would be a good source of new revenue through taxation   The legislature voted for a Keno program - maybe other kinds of gambling enterprises are worth looking into.  I think we can probably raise cigarette taxes.  

I am very interested in hearing other ideas on this subject.