We must provide an equal chance of prosperity for everyone and create an educated public to ensure our democracy works. Full day kindergarten must work for all towns - without huge increases to property taxes.  And we need to support our University and college system to make them affordable to everyone who wants to go.    

Primary and Secondary Public Education

New Hampshire has an overall excellent public education system from kindergarten through post-graduate Universities. 

As the United States came together - even before the Revolution - public education was a high priority.  We have always understood that education is critical, and that it is a community undertaking - we can not create the kind of society we want without an educated public.   There was a time when Nottingham  had 12 or 13 schools - enough so that every child could walk to school.  Teachers were housed at a parent's home and parents took care of the school building, wood for heating, and other tasks - as a community.

Things have changed considerably since those days, but our commitment to public education can not change. 

In recent years, there have been numerous experiments with "privatizing" education - in the form of charter schools and tax-funded school vouchers, which parents can use to send their children to private schools.  There is also the home schooling movement.  All of these movements have a cost to the community.

I would work hard to continue the improvements at public schools in New Hampshire, including both educational improvements and the maintenance of physical plants, and to ensure that the state is paying it's fair share, in accordance with the Claremont decision.

Higher Education

New Hampshire provides less state funding to the public University system than any other state in the union.   And, it has the highest in-state tuition/fees in the country.  A 2012 statistic shows that New Hampshire had the second highest rate of recent High School graduates who enrolled in college in a different state.  

I would work to support New Hampshire's universities, colleges, and community colleges.   We need to keep our young people here, in New Hampshire and provide a good education at a reasonable cost. We need to help young people as they work to increase their ability to get good, well paying jobs.  And we need a well-educated public.