We must continue the Medicaid Expansion program and work in other ways to increase the availability of health care to everyone.  This includes medical health, mental health and addiction issues.   

There should not be a person in this state who does not seek out preventive and other medical services for lack of funds.  No one should shoulder the burden of bankruptcy, foreclosure, and other costs of major illness or injury,

According to the US Census Bureau, 7.1% of New Hampshire's population was still uninsured in 2017. This is equal to about 98,000 individuals.   While the data does not break out reasons why people are uninsured, it is very likely that many, if not all, of these individuals are low to moderate income.  This level is too high: we need to fix whatever problems are creating this situation.  

We need to do this for struggling families and individuals, but also to put an end to overly expensive and burdensome costs of emergency medical care which strains our local budgets as well as increases overall costs of medical care.  

All of our work toward creating affordable health care must also include a look at why medical care in New Hampshire - as well as the rest of the country - are so high.  We need to create a plan of action to reduce these costs.   

I believe that a single payer system ("Medicare for All") would work both to provide access to health care for all and to put a brake on ever increasing medical costs, but I am open to looking at other ways to make this happen as well. 

Let me know what you think - please!