When we don't feel safe, our freedom is severely undermined.   

Feeling and being safe at home, at school, at work, and when traveling about is a major concern for all residents - rightfully so. 

 Government plays a critical role through the passage of laws and ordinances and maintenance of programs to help insure safety - from crime to fire fighting to building codes to traffic rules and in many other ways, including plowing roads, repairing bridges, regulating  drivers licenses, building code enforcement, emergency medical assistance, and leash laws.

These rules and programs are designed to protect the public; most people  agree they are needed (even if they don't agree with the specifics of every rule).  These kinds of rules do not usually infringe upon our constitutional rights, and when they do, our court system has worked well to insure they do not.

Despite this, far too many Americans have been killed and maimed by guns.  Homicide, suicide and mass murders are far too commonplace. Without infringing on the right to own guns for hunting, target pratice/competion, and personal protection, New Hampshire must find ways to reduce and prevent gun violence.  I believe we must take action to:

  • Implement universal and thorough background checks. 
  • Create a waiting period prior to issuance of a gun permit or purchase to slow down anyone considering suicide or homicide - often rash decisions made when under emotional pressure.
  • Ban all military style semi-automatic guns    
  • Ban "bump stocks" and  any other device which can change a gun from semi-automatic to automatic - and ban any gun which can be altered to be made automatic.
  • Ban ammunition clips over a certain size so that anyone intent on shooting as many people as possible has to stop and reload after a few shots. 
  • Pass Red Flag laws to allow the police (or courts) to remove guns from a person when  there has been a domestic violence incident, or where there is other good reason (such as mental instability) to believe that gun violence may occur.  Include speedy appeals to protect individuals against "unreasonable search and seizure" as provided under the US Constitution.  
  • Allow local governments to determine whether or not guns will be allowed in schools or on school grounds and other facilities.
  • Reinstitute the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon.