These are some of the main issues I will work on.

What other issues are important to you?  Or do you  have comments on these? 

Let me know!

We must provide an equal chance of prosperity for everyone and create an educated public to ensure our democracy works. Full day kindergarten must work for all towns - without huge increases to property taxes.  And we need to support our University and college system to make them affordable to everyone who wants to go.    

We must continue the Medicaid Expansion program and work in other ways to increase the availability of health care to everyone.  This includes medical health, mental health and addiction issues.   

What has happened to make New Hampshire one of the top states for opioid addiction?  New Hampshire ranks second in the nation (along with Ohio) for per capita deaths from opioids.  

For too long, the state has shifted costs from the state to the cities and towns.  The state must stop saying  “there is no money” and start looking at ways to raise more funds. 

When we don't feel safe, our freedom is severely undermined.   

Feeling and being safe at home, at school, at work, and when traveling about is a major concern for all residents - rightfully so. 

Happily, the SEC recently denied the Eversource application for “Northern Pass”  based on their inability to show that their plan will not negatively affect the environment or property values. 

We are not free, nor are we equal, if our opportunity and obligation to vote is undermined.  Nor are we treated equally when partisan gerrymandering of districts is allowed.

Big money in politics is eroding our equality and freedom.  And it is unjust: donations from the wealthy, large corporations, and Super PACs skew our elections toward the interests of the rich and (already) powerful.