I live in Nottingham in the home my grandparents bought around the time I was born.  

As a child, I lived in West Nottingham, attended school at what is now the town hall, and spent a lot of time at Demmon’s Store and Lucas Pond.   Both of my parents were active in town affairs:  my father was Town Moderator for a while, then on the School Committee.  My mother was a Library Trustee.  As kids, we attended all town meetings - playing outside the old Town Hall until the adults finished their important business.  

We moved when I was 11 and it was almost 50 years before I got back!

During that time I worked part time jobs through high school and college, and received a BA in 1975 and a BS in Nursing in 2010. 

Most of my career involved public housing, starting in tenant organizing and working at the Boston Housing Authority, as a manager then as Chief of Operations. I also worked at non-profits, for the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, and for the City of Boston. 

At 52, I changed careers, going back to school to get my BS-RN and worked primarily with elderly patients during this shorter career. 

I am a mother and a grandmother and I am now officially retired   My third career is looking after wonderful grandchildren and I now look forward to a fourth career as a NH State Representative!